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Artificial Intelligence


Deep Skills. Diverse Solutions. 

Using our core understanding of how camera capture pipelines work, how pixels can be processed/transformed & analyzed, and how information can be mined from that data for smart insights, we apply ourselves to diverse domains such as healthcare, automotive, manufacturing or education. 


You imagine, and we solve.

Let us collaborate on your next innovation journey!


We can develop and deliver imaging and video analytics solutions that are the cornerstones of modern day medicine and allied research, with applications such as:

  1. Diagnostic Imaging & Analysis (use of X-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, etc. for diagnosis)

  2. Automated Detection of Anomalies (tumors, cancers, fractures, lesions, defects, infertility etc.)

  3. Preventive Screenings (neurodegenerative diseases, diabetic retinopathy, breast cancer, lung cancer etc.)

  4. Surgical Assistance (camera-guided robotic arms, surgical navigation systems, augmented reality visualization for training / reviews etc.)

  5. Personalized Treatment Planning (based on analysis of patient history, family background and AI-aided insights)

  6. Remote Patient Monitoring & Telemedicine

  7. Drug discovery and Development (cellular and molecular image analysis, AI-driven plans for clinical trials & outcomes)

  8. Efficient Workflows (NLP-assisted automation of documentation, records and administration)

Brain Scans
Auto Virtual Reality



We can partner with you to realize your next-gen applications for vehicles:

  1. Automated Driver Assistance Systems - ADAS (detection of vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles to aid in automatic emergency braking, collision avoidance, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control)

  2. Situational Awareness & Planning (using cameras, LiDAR, radar, and other sensors to enable safety, path planning, automated parking, vehicle maintenance, etc.)
  3. Driver Monitoring (facial recognition based drowsiness, distraction, or impairment, etc.)
  4. Smart Navigation (real-time data driven route recommendations based on AI)
  5. Handsfree Driver Controls (gesture or voice command based interactions with the driver)
  6. Smart Cars (AI-based management of driver preferences for seat position, climate control, and entertainment)



If you are looking to amp up productivity and efficiency in your processes, we are here to help you create automation solutions for:

  1. Production Monitoring (identification of bottlenecks, optimization of workflows, predictive maintenance and energy conservation)

  2. Quality Control (visual inspection for detection of defects and anomalies)

  3. Robotics & Automation (autonomous or collaborative robots for tasks like pick & place, count, segregation and packaging)

  4. Inventory Management (AI-based solutions to predict demand, optimize stock levels, and streamline supply chain)

  5. Logistics and Warehousing (AI-backed systems to optimizing routes, manage processes, and automating inventory tracking)

  6. Personnel Safety (visual/sensor monitoring to prevent accidents and raising alerts during emergencies) 

Vaccine Production Line
Petri Dish


If you are devising cutting-edge solutions for instructors and students, contact us for collaborations on applications such as:

1. Accessibility Solutions (computer vision and AI to can assist students with visual or auditory impairments)

2. Personalized Learning (AI-driven systems to  analyze student performance and adapting content/methods based on individual needs)​

3. Interactive Education (camera-based gesture control for interacting with digital content, automated translations, etc.)

4. Administrative Automation (automated attendance based on facial recognition, automated grading and recommendations for curriculum)

5. Language Learning (AI/NLP tools to accelerate learning and customizing the modules to student proficiency in real time)

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