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Currently building ‘KITES (Knowledge Innovation and Technology EcoSystem)’. Computer Vision/AI Innovation for Health, Automotive and Manufacturing domains...

Earlier: Co-founded and helped build KritiKal Group (KritiKal Solutions, Vehant Technologies), as the founding CEO of KritiKal Solutions. Coordinated overall operations and profitable growth of KritiKal Solutions to INR 25 Cr+ annual turnover levels (~ INR 100 Cr+ or USD 12 mn+ group turnover). As founder and CEO, I was involved in all aspects of KritiKal's journey, including management and delivery of Computer Vision/AI projects, graduation of the company out of IIT Delhi's business incubator, spinning off KritiKal Secure Scan (now Vehant Technologies) as a product subsidiary, equity fund infusion, setting up KritiKal Solutions Inc (US/California Subsidiary), key product and process initiatives etc.

Dipinder Sekhon (Founder, Director)

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