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Fuel Your Innovation Journey!

Computer Vision, AI, Image Processing



​If you are a businesses, government agency, non-profit organization, or a research institute that is exploring ways to foster innovation, overcome challenges, and create a culture of innovation within your organization, we can help you do just that!


  • Strategy development

  • Ideation and concept development

  • Technical and market research, including IP / patent research, regulatory and statutory regulations & compliances

  • Partnerships and ecosystem development

  • New technology exploration

  • Algorithm design and prototyping

  • PoC development

  • Training / change management for your teams



If you are planning to create new deep-tech products, improve existing products, design methodologies, or develop solutions that your team is unable to spend time on,  we can design, develop, optimize and deliver it for you! 


  • Product requirements

  • Feasibility assessment

  • Conceptualization and product design (UI/UX)

  • Software design and architecture

  • Software development

  • Quality testing and validation

  • Project management

  • Documentation

  • Change and delivery management

  • Version management

Image by Scott Graham


​If you have an innovative idea and you believe in it for it's uniqueness and business potential, we can help you identify and protect the intellectual property (IP) - including the core idea, algorithm, architecture, system and extensions. And we can do this proactively, integrated seamlessly with your ongoing innovation initiatives with KITES.


  • Discovery of patentable ideas, including collab with your and KITES team working with you 

  • Research on related applications and scope

  • Research on prior art

  • Claims documentation and review

  • Patent application submission (USPTO, other locations on request)

  • (Optional) Urgent provisional patents

You Imagine. We Deliver.

From our expertise in solving problems, depth of domain skills and seamless integration of academic research into product development, we can be your ideal partner for innovation. Talk to us about your vision and dreams!

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